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After 5 years of suffering from chronic back pain and repeated visits to my GP, physiotherapist and osteopath, I thought my back pain was just something I had to live with.  Jen has been treating me for 6 weeks and after a thorough assessment, followed by a diagnosis and treatment I am finally beginning to see results. Jen is completely professional, approachable and friendly. I would recommend her service without hesitation.'

Mary P Back Pain

The treatment and advice I've received from Jen has been, and still is, second to none as far as I'm concerned. The relief from osteoarthritic pain has been amazing. Jen's expertise, enthusiasm, professionalism and encouragement has given me the inspiration and impetus to work on, and improve vastly, my strength and flexibility. Thank you so much Jen.'

Mary S - A very grateful client Osteoarthritic Pain

I've recently had a couple of massages from Jen. Even though I just had a sore and knotted shoulder she massaged my whole back, neck and up into my head to help loosen things. She is also able to suggest exercises to do and has an excellent understanding of the body and the way everything is connected.'

Charlotte A Shoulder Treatment

Jen’s sports massages are keeping me moving, so much better than other treatment options I’ve tried. She frequently finds knots I didn’t know I had and I feel so much better and more flexible after a treatment.

She is professional and friendly, very approachable and her knowledge and understanding of muscle/joint connections is invaluable for easing problem areas and providing exercises to strengthen and mobilise.


Ann T Sports Massage

I have had back problems on and off for 20 years and went to Jen in some acute pain recently when my back 'went' again. She gave me a powerfully therapeutic emergency massage which made a really big difference but even more impressive were the maintenance regime exercises and suggestions. I opted for a follow up visit after 6 weeks because I thought she could really help identify the underlying weakness/issues and she has been very good at diagnosing the root problems and suggesting exercises to help as well as specific massage techniques to effect a change. I wish I'd been to her years ago....she is professional, knowledgeable and positive in outlook - and makes a real difference!'

Greg T Back Pain

I am certain that visiting Jen on a regular basis for maintenance sports massage and occasional injury treatment has allowed me to play competitive badminton for many more years than would have otherwise been possible. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Andrew D Sports Massage

I workout regularly and I have always found Jen’s massages to be especially helpful for dealing with any niggles, aches and pains. Jen is great at identifying and getting rid of any muscle adhesions. If you have a soft tissue injury, Jen is excellent at identifying the cause, treating it and providing helpful advice with respect to managing the injury. I thoroughly recommend having massage with Jen on a regular basis to help deal with any muscle issues.

Neil W Sports Massage

I have been visiting Jen for treatment regularly for the past five years. I have a chronic back issue that can cause me a lot of pain but having regular maintenance form Jen I am able to get through my busy and active daily life being a Mum. Jen is not only amazing at her job, she is very caring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.

Jo B Chronic Back Issue

I really enjoy Jen’s Pilates classes; they are small, personal and fun. She offers stepped alternatives to allow for the range of abilities in class and is hands on to gently correct and adjust posture. She is an enthusiastic teacher always encouraging us to try a little harder.

Ann T Pilates Class